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  Impacts for Women 

Impacts for women are many and varied, and are very individual.

In our work we try to enter into a woman's lived experience with her as she remembers. However, it can be helpful to view the wider picture of possible impacts to gain insight into how abortion can and does affect women in the wider sense.

This sections covers symptoms of negative abortion reactions - physical, psychological, spiritual, relational... dimensions. Although some women appear unaffected for many it is a more significant event than they may even realise themselves at the time. To highlight this we have also included some women's stories.

I did not realise how much my abortion had affected me
until I had the chance to talk about it.

Then for the first time my suffering surfaced.
It was painful but such a relief to be able to share it.

I saw clearly how my own shame had kept me silent all these years.
I saw too that my baby died in the abortion that day,
and I had never been allowed to grieve.

I learnt that I was, am and always will be a mother.
I feel I failed him then, but I can claim him back as my own
and I choose to love him into the forever after.

I believe my love reaches him into the beyond,
and I honour the bond that we have.

No more denial, no more searching, no more guilt
- I will speak of him and remember him. (Joyce)

Your voice is important! Break the silence.

If you have a story you would like to share email us carolina@postabortionpaths.org.nz

N.B. In our experience people will be at different stages of processing, adjustment and healing after an abortion experience. Stories will not be published automatically. Generally it is important to have done some healing work before going public with a personal story, and confidentiality and privacy issues are also important considerations. P.A.T.H.S. reserves the right to edit or screen stories for this website - we will endeavour to do this with sensitivity and care and in consultation with you first. 

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